Welcome to our 3rd grade website for Mrs. Nash & Ms. Skiles! This site will be a great source of communication. Be sure to check back often and see what is going on!

Mrs. Nash's Class Mission Statement

Mrs. Nash's Class Mission Statement

We will be kind, put first things first, and achieve our goals. 

Ms. Skile's Class Mission Statement

Ms. Skiles's Class Mission Statement

We will give 100% every single day we are at school so that we can learn as much as we can. Never give up, respect each other, and make smart choices. Our goal is to be leaders and never give up!


The Viking Song


I'm a Viking Leader

That's what I strive to be.

A Viking leader

Is the only life for me.


I'll use the 7 habits

And do my best in school.

I'll always do the right thing

And follow every rule.


I'll set goals and meet them.

These things I'm going to do.

'Cause I'm a Viking Leader

Everyday tried and true!